Over the years I have been involved with various television and radio programmes, mostly about the origins of Christianity though also more widely in the critical study of religion. I have also provided some specialist advice for the 'Messiah' drama TV series on possible apocalyptic motifs to use in its plots and, from time to time, had my research discussed in newspapers and magazines. However, from 2011, I have now begun documenting my various media work, from discussions of my own research to professional judgements upon contemporary religious events and controversies.


Trump, Religion and the American Election (Radio Cambridgeshire, 6th November 2016 - 7.10-30)

Religion and Suicide (Radio Cambridgeshire, 10th July 2016 - 7.10-30)

Religion and Health (Radio Cambridgeshire, 22nd May 2016 - 8.00-20)

The Queen and Religion (Radio Cambridgeshire, 17th April 2016 - 8.20-40)

The Queen and Religion (Radio Cambridgeshire, 13 September 2015 - 8.20-40)

The Earliest Science Fiction (Motherboard Vice.com, 16 July 2015). Quoted in piece on Lucian's True History).

The Last Days of Jesus (Channel 5, 7th May 2015). A critical 'talking head' on a historical documentary about the trial and death of Jesus.

Christianity Minus Paul (New Scientist, 25 April 2015, p. 9). Contribution to an article discussing a theory that Paul's conversion was caused by a meteorite. Also picked up by other news outlets, such as the Daily Mail.

What do historians know about the resurrection of Jesus? (Radio Cambridgeshire, 5 April 2015 - 8.20-40)

What do historians know about the crucifixion of Jesus? (Radio Cambridgeshire, 20 Feb 2015- 7.20-40)

Ask an Academic. (Cambridge News, 5 Nov 2014). Interview about my approach to the critical study of religion. Also here.

Supping with the Devil at Madingley Hall: identity, heresy and witchcraft in 17th-century Cambridge (Radio Cambridgeshire, 2 Nov 2014). An interview about my talk at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas. A blog on the subject can be found here.

Is this the first ever sci-fi novel? (Daily Telegraph, 07 Nov 2013; see also Cambridge NewsLa Tercera , Chile etc.) Some recent research on Lucian's True History that came to the attention of the press, both in the UK and overseas.

Pony mutilated in suspected satanic act in Dartmoor. (Daily Telegraph, 26 Jul 2013). Professional opinion about religion and animal sacrifice.

In Our Time - Prophecy. (BBC Radio 4 - downloadable podcast). Aired 13-6-2013. My contribution was largely focused on the role of prophecy in the origins of Christianity, including the figure of Jesus, and the relationship between prophecy and gender.

'Who hath despised the day of small things? Quakers and Muslims in the 17th Century.' A recording of a talk given at the Quaker Studies Resource Centre, Woodbrooke, 10-Oct 2012. The talk is a survey of material that has come to light as a result of my project on early Friends and Islam.

'Justin Meggitt discusses Pirates' from the BBC History Magazine Podcast, 21 Oct 2011. I appear about 45 minutes in. The extended interview is the result of work I've done on my 17th century project which is concerned with the contentious and complex issue of so-called 'Barbary slavery' of Europeans in North Africa.

Naked Quakers: Apocalyptic obsessions and public nudity - the world of the early Quakers. Fortean Times 271 (2011), 38-42. An article that came indirectly out of my ongoing project on early Quakers and Islam.

Jesus: Rise to Power. I was an adviser on this National Geographic Channel documentary series about the origins of Christianity which first aired in 2013.